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Shilohs WelcomeWe began working on this project several months ago and are about ready to start transporting dogs. The nonprofit status sailed through the IRS, the RV was ordered, policies were established, and the website was started. The biggest delay may have been the website, but that was due to James’ lack of technical ability, not because of the fabulous website team we have partnered with. Our next goal is to start transporting rescue dogs right around the first of the year!

Shiloh’s Road to Hope became the dream of two people who wanted to try and make a difference. Our thinking was that if rescue organizations didn’t have to pay for transportation of animals they pull from the jaws of death at shelters, their money could go farther in treating and training those dogs, fostering those dogs, getting those dogs adopted, and maybe even saving more dogs.

Our goal is to transport these dogs without charge to the rescue groups, but in order to do that we will need the generous and ongoing help of dog lovers. Like any other nonprofit, donations are the key to providing service and covering expenses. We will transport dogs from areas with a large number of high-kill shelters like Texas to rescue groups in other states who save these dog’s lives. There are a great many people who dedicate themselves to finding loving homes for these dogs who would otherwise be killed. We are proud to be able to work with these groups and hope we can be of assistance.

Thank you for visiting and please look through our new website. If you have any questions or suggestions, check out the contact page. Again, any areas that are not complete are all on James, but they will be ready soon.

AND..... Don’t forget that donation tab! The IRS has ruled donations to Shiloh’s Road to Hope are tax-deductible!

Please help us help those who save dogs!
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